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Can the world cup really explain shoppers’ behaviour?

In previous reports about the dip in retail sales during June (mainly due to the food sector) part of the blame was attributed to England’s early exit from the world cup, reducing spending on beer, replica kit and other products associated with watching the glorious game.

Analysts now agree the world cup in fact ‘distracted’ shoppers from spending both in-store and on-line. Just as the weather is blamed both for bringing shoppers out and keeping them away at the same time, it seems any occasion is used to explain shoppers’ behaviour.

Either way it’s clear the world cup did not boost retail spend as was hoped. With the lag in wages and the expected interest rate rise the recovery will be slow and steady with ups and downs such as June’s having a disproportionate effect.

Thankfully the fashion sector was not hit in the same way and saw growth in June. Hopefully this has continued through July thanks to the hot and sunny weather at the beginning of the school holidays, and will steadily grow over the year. Indeed we are expecting an extremely busy August in our metalwork production thanks to increasing demand for shopfittings and display fixtures from clothing and fashion retailers.

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