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EPC Powder Coating

Powder coating is a popular finishing method for shop fittings. Dymond Engineering has its own top of the range EPC powder coating plant, complete with an iron phosphate pre-treatment. We offer the complete RAL range, giving you a broad choice of vibrant or subtle colours to complete your products.

How does it work?

Applies colour electrostatically in the form of a dry powder. This is then cured with heat, resulting in a smooth, hard skin that is very tough. Iron-phosphate pre treatment improves bonding capabilities and helps inhibit corrosion.

Why choose it?

  • Great for visual impact, whether striking or subtle.
  • Made to wear – very scratch resistant and perfect for busy shop environments.
  • Achieves a wonderfully smooth and uniform coverage, which is also hard wearing (even on the most intricate of constructions).

Please note we can only offer powder coating for products that we fabricate for you.  We are unable to offer powder coating for single items, or for wheels or motor parts.

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EPC Powder Coated White

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