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Smart display systems – cost effective shopfitting solutions that look bespoke

As well as our bespoke fabrication service we provide a stylish range of high quality retail display systems that are extremely cost effective, offer terrific flexibility and are also quick and easy to install or reconfigure.

Dymond Rail System

Dymond Ferrule System

Dymond Vertical Beam System

Why our shop fit systems are a better fit for your retail business

You have the benefits of bespoke fittings, without the price tag.

Unlike most retail display systems, the Dymond Systems are not modular.  That’s a big benefit because modular systems come with one major drawback – they are not designed for your store so their fixed sizes and limited configurations may not be the best fit for your particular situation.

With the Dymond Systems, however, we can quickly and inexpensively customise components to exactly match your unique requirements – they can be adapted to fit awkward spaces and wall surfaces.  This reduces installation time and saves money at the fitting stage.  What’s more, the fact that it perfectly meets your needs increases longevity and provides a better return on investment.  Staff also find it quick and easy to make profile changes in response to shifting seasonal demand.  Last, but certainly not least, systems with all these things going for them boost ‘shopability’ – they show merchandise to best advantage, make life easier for your team and create an attractive retail environment which maximises sales.

When it comes to smart finishes you can choose from powder coated, brushed stainless steel, nickel or chrome polished.  Add all these factors together and you get most of the benefits of bespoke – but for a fraction of the price.

Designed by people who understand the realities of retail

On top of this our systems are designed to be quick and straightforward to install, which saves time, disruption and money.   Your staff can swiftly and easily reconfigure the different components to accommodate different products, seasons and promotions.  Another benefit is the fact that the systems are compatible, so the components can work together, giving you a wider range of different display options.

Designed and fabricated by people with a huge depth of retail and engineering experience the Dymond Systems include smart features that, if not totally unique, are very unusual.  For instance, our ferrules fit directly into both MDF and acrylic without the need for an additional backboard.  Unlike similar systems ours has been engineered with added integral strength and load bearing capabilities that mean no additional support is required.


Finally, all three systems, and the individual components, are very robust and hard wearing.

Dymond Rail Display System with Waterfall Drop Arm Fitting. Nickel Plated
Dymond Rail Display System - mid floor gondola fixture with shelf
Dymond Vertical Beam System

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"For more than 20 years Dymond have supplied us with innovative solutions at competitive prices, often within tight time scales."
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