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CNC Laser Cutting

Dymond Engineering has high-speed laser cutting capabilities, allowing even the most intricate of patterns to be cut straight from drawings.

Competitive pricing: It is a priority of our estimators to generate the maximum yield from materials and drive down unit costs for you.

The Machinery: Mazak CNC laser – with the ability to cut detailed shapes in sheet metal and steel tubing up to gauge of 5mm thickness.

How it works?

By directing a highly intense light beam at an area of metal, melting it in controlled sequence.

The beam is created by electrically charging gas molecules, which ‘excites’ them (they bounce around) – causing a release of light energy. This light is focused via a series of mirrors onto a lens, which in turn directs the beam at an exact point on the metal – and so begins the cutting. All of this is controlled by an easily set up CNC program.

Benefits of CNC laser cutting:

  • Precision and speed, as compared with alternative techniques such as punching.
  • Compared to plasma cutting (normally used for thicker gauge sheet metals) there’s a lower risk of heat distortion in the metal – as lasers operate in a smaller spatial zone.
  • Ability to cut a number of materials that would be extremely hard or impossible to cut otherwise.
CNC laser cutter
CNC laser cutting
decorative laser cut metal screen
Display Hanging Arm cut on laser

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