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CNC Punch Press

Dymond Engineering’s turret press is the ideal piece of machinery for punching complex patterns, comprised of ‘cut outs’ or holes. Designs can be produced with exceptional accuracy and repeatability.

How does it work?

Essentially, it is a larger version of a single station power press. Dymond’s turret press has an impressive 16 tool stations. Via a CNC program each station, and the location of the sheet metal is controlled in a predetermined series of movements. The press forces a steel or tungsten carbide punch through the metal and into a die. The die supports the sheet metal, and multiple dies can be combined for more difficult patterns.


  • Ability to turn out multiple shapes, at a low cost and high speed.
  • More competitively priced for simpler bulk orders than CNC laser cutting.

CNC Punching - Turret-punch-press-for-metal-shopfittings-fabrication.
CNC Punch Press

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