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Chrome and Nickel Plating

Chrome and nickel plating creates sleek, top quality finishes for shop fittings.  Dymond Engineering offers  options for bright and gleaming or a more subtle brushed appearance.

What is it?

Electroplating: Coating a metal object with a thin layer of a second metal by means of electrolysis.

The result: A neutral, lustrous and chip resistant finish to your metalwork.

Please note we offer electroplating and chroming only for products that we fabricate for you. We are unable to offer plating for single items, or for wheels or motor parts.

Our team can happily advise on the different possibilities associated with chrome and nickel-plating, however, we can only offer this finishing service for shop fittings that we have fabricated, because we sub contract this process.

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Dymond Rail System - Display Ladder with Straight Arm

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"For more than 20 years Dymond have supplied us with innovative solutions at competitive prices, often within tight time scales."
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